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Auto Repair

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At AGM Transmission, we always pride ourselves on our specialty. When it comes to cars and engines, we can handle any problem that you might be having. All internal working parts are covered under our warranty that we give our customers, including valves, pistons, valves, cylinders, crank shafts, rods, rings, camshafts and more. We will also cover gaskets and seals on both new and rebuilt engines.

We will conduct auto repair on all kinds of engines, including rotary, carburetors, fuel inspection and super chargers.

Our early experience in working shops have allowed our technicians to specialize in all kinds of motors, such as American, European and Asian. This gives us the expertise to work on all kinds of motors while advising other technicians on the proper repair procedures.

Economically speaking, used engines work the best. We pull these from wrecked vehicles and test them, checking over them and recommending the new parts as you need them. We will also work to find the cause of your car failure to prevent any problems with your motor in the future. We will always work on getting you the best price on new parts with the lowest mileage for engines.

Rebuilt engines work great as well because we build them to the specifications of the factory. Our mechanics install these engines or rebuild them so that your vehicle can go on living longer and so that we can provide the best possible warranty. We price by quality and according to the availability of parts.

We can also rebuild most kinds of engines in our shops. When we at AGM Transmission LLC rebuild your engine, we will make sure it goes through a certain process. They are first completely examined, meaning we will check out every engine block, rocker arm, balance shaft, cam shaft, crank shaft, wrist bin, rod, piston, head, valve and valve guide to ensure they meet factory needs.

From here, we will bore cylinder blocks and ensure they are properly specified. We machine crank shafts and replace oil pumps. When we finish rebuilding the parts, we assemble the system by hand and make sure that all of the torque specifications are met. We do this with our quality mechanics who are ASE certified and can guarantee a quality job.

New engines that we can offer at AGM Transmission are the most expensive choice but they will ensure that they last the longest of all. These are engines that are made brand new by the manufacturer using completely new parts. Most of these engines will come with a three year warranty and can generally be brought to your dealership for one. This is best if you intend to keep the vehicle for a longer period of time.

At AGM Transmission, we will offer you all of these choices and guarantee the best quaity each time. We strive to service you meticulously. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote!

We can also offer you a high performance option in which we rebuild the street rod from scratch. We can also restore a vehicle and custom paint it to match what you want. From there, we will rebuild the drive train so that your performance is always high. We will rebuild the transmission from a shift kit or completely from new high performance pieces. Finally, we will build the horsepower you require and find the computer that can run it all.

At AGM Transmission, we are all about value and quality.