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Radiator Repair

Radiator Repair Jersey City | AGM Transmission LLC - Radiator Repair
Sometimes radiator leaks just happen. Age is more of a leading factor rather than mileage according to the NASRA (National Automotive Radiator Repair Association). As it gets older, your vehicle is exposed to many parts of the environment like debris, chemicals and road salts, all of which cause the core of the radiator to break down, leading to leaks and radiator repair.

The most obvious sign that you need radiator repair is a low level of coolant. This is always a good thing to check so that you will not need major radiator repair. Because there can be additional damage done with a low level of coolant, you should always make sure we can top you up as needed. Puddles appear bright and green, and this is ethyene gylcol that appears with a leak. Immediately clean this up and dispose of it because it is toxic.

Once you know you need repair, you will need to bring us the vehicle to find where the leak is located. We will wash it down with water and start the engine while examining it for signs of a leak. We may find the leak in a hose, which is one of the easiest forms of repair.

Wherever the leak is, we at AGM Transmission can get the job done for you.